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The Prime Ebony Fund is the latest initiative of ABC Group's Financial Services division. It is a mutual fund promoted by the ABC Group via ABC Capital Markets Ltd. It is meant to provide investors with an efficient tool to manage and grow their wealth.
The Fund was launched on 8th May 2013. It is now opened to subscription to the public. 

Net Asset Value


Date of inception :
18 October 2012
Valuation date :
01 March 2017
Net assets attributable to holders of participating shares (MUR)
Total number of shares in issue
Net Asset Value per Share (MUR)
Date of inception :
18 October 2012
Value date :
01 March 2017
Indicative NAV (MUR)
 *Dividend payment of MUR 0.12/share as approved by the board of directors for the financial year ended 30 June 2015 to be paid to all shareholders registered on close of 5th November 2015.

Fund Profile 

The Prime Ebony Fund, previously known as ABC Diversified Equity Fund, will provide any individual with easy access to a world of investment opportunities. With a relatively small amount of money, you will not only have access to a diversified portfolio of local equities but also access to a strong portfolio of funds and equities invested in foreign markets. We use a disciplined approach and stick to our promise.
The Fund's Objective
The objective of the Fund is to achieve long term capital growth while managing downside risk by investing the monies of the Fund primarily in equity shares and equity related securities like convertible and non-convertible bonds/debentures of companies. It will invest primarily in local capital markets and to a lesser extent in foreign capital markets in accordance with a clearly specified investment strategy.
Investment Approach
The Fund aims to achieve its investment objective through the following approach:
  1. Adopting a top-down investment strategy;
  2. Anticipating changing market conditions and tactically allocating the Fund's assets to stocks, fixed income products or cash equivalents in response to these changes. This flexibility to adjust its asset mix provides the Fund with the potential to achieve its objectives over the medium to long-term with less volatility;
  3. Ensuring that the portfolio is well diversified and invested in securities of companies that demonstrate strong fundamentals over the medium term and supported by commendable growth prospects; and
  4. Not limiting investment to any asset classes or to any sectors, subject to investment restrictions as detailed in the prospectus. 
Investment Horizon & Risk Profle
The Fund's investment strategy has an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years and is targeted towards investors with moderate risk profile who are seeking long-term capital gains and willing to have exposure to Mauritian equities, and to a lesser extent to international capital markets.

How to invest?

Minimum investment amount of MUR 2,000
Minimum subsequent amount of MUR 500

Investors who wish to invest in the Prime Ebony Fund should contact the CIS Manager:

ABC Capital Ltd
4th Floor, The Catalyst


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